With years of travel, writing and photography experience under their belts, the creators of HANDZAK.COM collaborate with reality to mix the present, future and past in stories that involve the old-fashioned lifestyle of Mennonites in Ontario, the ancient Mayan civilization in Mexico or First Nations in Cape Croker near Georgian Bay or the Rocky Mountains. From coast to coast to coast, we employ the subject of nature to show the importance of protecting it as well as to celebrate the great idea of establishing National Parks, which began with Yellowstone in the United States in 1872. We were inspired by road trips in California, where we crossed Sequoia National Park, Kings Canyon and Yosemite and continued through the desert town of Lone Pine to Death Valley, Las Vegas, Mojave Desert and Joshua Tree National Park.

Author: Maros Handzak
Membership: BC Association of Travel Writers

Born and raised in Slovakia, the heart of Europe, Maros Handzak has lived in Canada for more than eighteen years. His stories and articles have been published multiple times in printed magazines, including MultiLingual and Technology, Plus 7 dni and Slovenka, as well as online at tulacky.net. His photographs were published by The Key Publishing House Inc. in the book From Pemmican to Poutine by Chef Suman Roy and Brooke Ali, which is sold and distributed through Chapters stores in Canada.

Once, when best-selling Slovak author Gustav Murin was trapped in winter weather on a street in the Slovak capital, Bratislava, he started thinking about how Canadians deal with such situations. He published a blog post on January 22, 2013 that alluded to Maros’ Mennonite story “Lost World” as he jokingly imagined that the Mennonite horse-drawn buggies would have had no problems in the deep snow. He wrote, “A friend of mine and fellow countryman, Maros Handzak, who visited an interesting community of people in Canada and called them “lost world”, knows the answers to these questions. In addition, he gives an extraordinary example on how to avoid car accidents on the icy roads. You have to use the horse-drawn buggy! And it works! Here is the proof.”

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