Nestled in the Alabama Hills in the California desert is a lonely looking town called Lone Pine. It sits in a landscape full of oval rock formations and it is so photogenic that Hollywood producers have made many Western movies there over the years.

Film Museum in California desert

What makes this place attractive? The Alabama Hills, with desert in the foreground and the high Sierra Nevada mountains in the background, are a perfect combination of unusual landscapes. Mt. Whitney, the highest peak in the continental United States (excluding Alaska), stands out among other peaks in the Sierra Nevadas like Donald Trump stands out in presidential debates. Unlike Trump, Mt. Whitney is a part of the establishment created millions of years ago, and its present function is not questionable at all. We expect it to last many more years, whether or not somebody likes it. We might consider it a bonus and perfect added value to this unique natural scenario.

Mt. Whitney

On returning from the mountains we have to stop in Lone Pine, of course. This laid-back set of streets, houses and hotels immediately slows you down.

Lone Pine California

Time doesn’t matter in Lone Pine. Its residents are nice people, the restaurants offer casual and forgiving atmospheres, and the hotels name their rooms after actors who once worked in Westerns.

Best Western in Lone Pine

To make this blend of seemingly unrelated facts complete, let’s also mention the Lone Pine Film History Museum. We wouldn’t expect a museum in the desert—it is one of Lone Pine’s surprises.

Lone Pine Film History Museum

The bizarre cars in the museum are as unusual as the oval rocks surrounding the town. Both objects once participated in creating interesting movies like Bad Day at Black Rock. A new town called Black Rock was built in the Alabama Hills desert for the duration of the filming. Back in those days Lone Pine was not lonely, at least not when the movies were in town.



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