We often hear that Vancouver property market is a bubble which will burst one day. Same was said about Toronto. I am waiting and waiting for that moment to happen. In the meantime the “so called” bubble is bigger and bigger however no bursting occurs and will probably never take place. Sometimes I feel like the institutions paying the “so called” real estate specialists spreading such theories just waste their resources because they seem to live in the bubble themselves.

Vancouver City Otters

There are creatures who do not care about property prices or real estate bubbles at all – sea otters, sometimes labelled as city otters since they live in the City of Vancouver. I’ve seen a bunch of three of them while walking in Stanley Park recently. They were completely focused on the crab they caught, tearing it apart. Each otter got a piece. They did not give me any opportunity to ask them about the real estate bubble and what they think about it. The only bubbles they might be concerned about are those caused by pollutants like the oil spill which happened in Vancouver in 2015.

Vancouver Otter Eating Crab

The city otters do not protest. It does not mean that they like pollutant bubbles or agree with more cargo ships or tankers entering their waters, not at all. They live in present time and are busy with catching a crab every day, so they do not stay hungry. Sometimes people behave like otters. They are busy with their jobs or businesses while politicians approve more tankers in Vancouver waters. It seems city otters can expect more bubbles bursting in Vancouver, but none of them will be the property bubble any time soon.

Vancouver Otters



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