While Route 66 is often called the “Mother Road,” coastal Highway 1 in California might be named the showcase road. A very pleasant drive in good weather, the road from San Luis Obispo via Carmel-By-The-Sea near Monterey Peninsula, through Santa Cruz, and ending in San Francisco, offers you breathtaking window shopping for things you cannot buy, simply because they are never for sale. After all, how can you purchase attractive vistas, nice weather or sweet dreams?

Inspierd by Curiosity - Highway One California

Inspierd by Curiosity - California Highway

Ocean view

Beautiful vistas of the Pacific Ocean make you dream about faraway places like the Hawaiian Islands, with their hula dancers. People stop their cars here to soak in the atmosphere for a few minutes. Life is complicated, and escaping from reality in this innocent way charges the inner solar panels with positive energy for a long time. If you are lucky, you’ll see dolphins and seabirds. You might search your memory for movies that portray this ambience, but nothing beats reality.

Inspierd by Curiosity - Highway One Dreamers

Inspierd by Curiosity - California Coast

Dreamers like you

As you continue driving, you will find out that you are not the only dreamer on Highway 1. Hundreds of seals lie sleeping on the secure sandy beaches. Perhaps they dream of a bowlful of fish, without knowing that fisherman’s wharfs in nearby coastal towns serve them, only a pleasant smell away from their resting place. If the seals were not so lazy, they could catch happy hour fish-and-chips in Carmel, where Clint Eastwood was once mayor.

Inspierd by Curiosity - Seal

Inspierd by Curiosity - Highway One

If your budget allows, rent a powerful red Mustang and adapt your style to sport driving, passing RVs that yell to the world “We are on holiday!” Stop in Carmel for lunch, or open your soul in the Carmelite Monastery there. You might pray that your pleasant coastal drive never ends.

Inspierd by Curiosity - RV in California

Inspierd by Curiosity - Carmel-By-The-Sea

Inspierd by Curiosity - Carmel Mission



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