The United States has always been associated with a better life—better opportunities, bigger houses, better and more spacious cars. That’s how the term “the American dream” was born. People who move there experienced “a dream come true” effect. (Although in fact, it was usually the second generation who really could say that it had all possible opportunities available to materialize dreams and to convert them to reality.)

One may believe that America was blessed by God himself supporting the “think big” attitude. Besides big cars, houses, wide roads and a unique variety of landscapes, America also harbors the biggest trees in the world—giant sequoias in Sequoia and Yosemite National Parks in California. The trees, with rounded tops overseeing the surrounding landscape, compete with 27-story buildings in distant American cities in conquering the sky. And not just that; with their life expectancy of three to four thousand years, these trees would remember Christopher Columbus and other guys much older than him. Too bad they cannot talk. They are silent witnesses of history, like old cameras without film or memory cards. Maybe such old trees suffer from a tree version of Alzheimer’s, so any attempt at forcing them to speak would be a waste of time and effort. Who knows?

General Sherman

The biggest giant sequoia, called “General Sherman,” is so wide that the tree huggers would have a problem hugging it. It would easily swallow many condo apartments, including their underground parking spots. In another place in Sequoia National Park, a “tunnel log” made from a fallen sequoia tree gives you an idea of its proportions in relation to cars.

Tunnel Log

When driving southeast from San Francisco, one enters the country of dry hills. Little green trees outline their contours with the denim-blue sky in the background.

From San Francisco

Landscape painted with soft tones accompanies you all the way to Sierra Nevada and its beautiful parks. It looks like designer clothing made of a new unusual textile. Only this time, the designer is nature or God, who blessed the country south of the Canadian border with big and very old trees.



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