On average, Canada geese lay five eggs per year. The female stays with the eggs while they are incubating, and leaves the nest only to feed briefly. The male stands guard nearby. Canada geese may steal the babies of other geese, making them ‘foster’ babies. But because their biological offspring stay closer to them, it is easier for predators to take the foster babies, as they are less protected.

Geese Army


Tim Mackenzie is a tug sailing under the flag of Canada. It was built in 1980. It is 18.6 m long and 7.32 m wide. It can be seen in the Vancouver area. Tugboats are marine vessels that assist other vessels into or out of the port. They typically push or pull other vessels by using a tow line, or with direct contact.

Tim Mackenzie


Seagulls mate for life. When they cannot produce healthy chicks, they may “divorce.” The divorcees may stay single for a few nesting seasons, as they are seen as less attractive to the first-time daters. We almost never see baby seagulls. That’s because adult seagulls hide them to protect them from predators. Their babies grow fast and are usually ready to leave the nest when they are a few weeks old.

Seagull Couple


Canada geese living in cities are less shy than those residing in remote locations. They are very compatible with humans and are usually friendly. They can be aggressive during the nesting season.

Girl and Goose


Standing on Lions Gate Bridge at dusk may reward you with a beautiful sunset over the ocean, the great scenery of Stanley Park, and the mountains in the background.

Dramatic Lions Gate Bridge


Cormorants are great divers. They can eat fish up to one-fourth of their weight daily. They are also known as “sea ravens.” Anglers hate them, as they believe cormorants are depleting the fish population.



Canada geese wake up early and are eager to have breakfast. They often appear in larger groups, as they fear the predators that are more active in morning hours.



Bald eagles typically nest high in the trees with a clear view of water. If there are no trees, they also live on cliffs, rock pinnacles or (in the north) on the ground. They construct their nests with large sticks, often lining them with moss, seaweed, and lichens. They find broken sticks on the ground or actively break the branches of trees.

Bald Eagle


A Canada goose walks slowly. It is a grazing bird, which grazes as it walks.

Canada Goose Morning Walk


The blue heron is common to the shores and wetlands in North and Central America. It is less visible in southern Europe.

All Eyes on You


Canada geese are territorial during the nesting season when they live as couples. However, they congregate with other geese when migrating.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith