Fire is a good servant but a bad master. In the case of a house fire, it’s bad. The insurance business distinguishes between friendly fire and hostile fire. Hostile fire is something we worry about. Hostile fire is a fire that’s not supposed to be burning.

Our society takes hostile fire very seriously. We have learned since we were children that when it comes to fire, there is no room for carelessness. If you park your car in a fire hazard zone, it will be towed at your own expense. That’s how seriously we take the potential danger of a hostile fire.

Although hostile fire is a serious matter, we sometimes joke about it. This little box that says, “Open in Case of Fire” is an example of such an innocent prank. Of course, we do not joke about life-and-death cases, or about our neighbour’s house going up in flames. No, we make fun of it only when we are far away from a hostile fire—both in terms of distance and of any possibility that us or our loved ones, friends, or neighbours might experience it.

Because we take hostile fire seriously, the sight of this small box with “Open in Case of Fire” on it attracts our attention and inspires curiosity. It is guaranteed that almost everybody will open it, not suspecting that it might be a joke. And that’s when the fun begins. Just watch the video, see what happens next, and enjoy.