I woke up one morning and noticed that my shoes were oriented the same way salmon are when they “run” from the ocean to their place of birth in the rivers to spawn. I wasn’t sure what happened. Were my shoes trying to escape my house because I do not treat them well? It’s a million-dollar question. Would they somehow find a gap under the door and run away? Nobody knows why salmon run. Why wouldn’t salmon stay in the same river all their lives and spawn directly there, instead of running away and coming back? This is exhausting, by the way. What sense does it make? If it doesn’t make sense for the salmon, then what about my shoes? Does their behavior make sense? They probably saw the salmon run on TV and now they want to do the same. (No more TV, dear shoes, from now on!) They probably think I would be very upset if one day I wanted to go to work and found that I had no shoes to wear. What a nightmare that would be.  That’s why I now lock up my shoes. No more running away. Bad behavior has consequences!