This winter took Vancouver by surprise. It snowed. Some residents, who love this city so much that they never leave it, were able to refresh their memories about what snow looks like and how it feels. This year that opportunity presented itself multiple times, just in case some snow-resistant Vancouverites called in sick at work in order to avoid direct contact with the white stuff.

Vancouver Winter 2016

A friend of mine who lives in Toronto laughed when I told him it never snows here—instead, it rains. That’s why the city is jokingly called Raincouver. Now it will have to be renamed Snowcouver or Snowcover, if this pattern continues. It was interesting to see the boats in Vancouver’s Coal Harbour dressed in white coats. Even the seagulls looked surprised, and forgot how to be annoying and noisy.

Coal Harbour Winter 2016

If you walk on the Vancouver seawall while it snows, you can expect to be there alone, or perhaps one of three people plus a dog. At Christmas time, you could even say out loud, like little Macaulay Culkin did in Home Alone: “I made my fellow Vancouverites disappear!” Repeat it as if somebody were listening. Enjoy it, since everything will get back to normal soon, as it did in Home Alone when the family returned home. Snowcouver will change back to Raincouver, Toronto will get its usual snow, and my friend’s smile will freeze on his face in minus twenty degrees Celsius. He who laughs last, laughs longest.

December 2016 Walking in Coal Harbour


Canada Place in Winter 2016



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