Cities, like people, try to present themselves in order to look better than their counterparts.  They get rated by agencies and magazines whose evaluation criteria vary, so we hear different results from different sources about which city is the most livable, the safest, the richest, and so on.

If we zoom our camera lenses, contact lenses, glasses or just our eyes on Canadian cities, you will hear certain adjectives associated with particular cities. For example, Toronto is the largest and the busiest, Quebec City is the most European, Montreal is the most relaxed, Calgary is the sunniest, and Vancouver has the mildest climate. These characteristics are not necessarily 100% true, but we like labels and bumper stickers. We like terms that resonate in our ears, and we even pass them on to other people without checking the facts.

Vancouver Downtown View

By the way, what else can we say about Vancouver besides its mild climate? What about the most scenic city in Canada? Let’s make this assumption and add precision by saying it’s the “most scenic big Canadian city with beautiful vistas.” This is something other cities are secretly jealous about. Toronto has no vistas, so they had to build their tall CN Tower for people to see the city from above. It’s like a city which has undergone breast augmentation: everybody likes the view, but we all know that without science and technology, it would not be possible.

Burrard Inlet

Vancouver does not need the surgeries Toronto had to pay for. Breathtaking are the vistas: from Queen Elizabeth Park, where you can see downtown with the ocean wedged in its ragged shores; from Cypress Bowl Road near Cypress Provincial Park, where the Lion’s Gate Bridge, Stanley Park and the whole city are visible from an unusual angle. Even driving down Cambie Street toward the city centre rewards you with unique views—the city of Vancouver with mountains in the background.

Vancouver Vista

The views are free, no admission fee. However, Vancouverites know they pay for these attractive vistas every day: it is also labelled as the most expensive city in Canada. Just few weeks ago an old, small and ugly house sold for an astronomical 2.5 million dollars. These everyday realities can make you feel as dizzy as any of Vancouver’s high and breathtaking vistas.

Choose your favourite vista and get as dizzy as you wish. Vancouver has it all.



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