Third Beach is a sandy beach in Vancouver’s Stanley Park. It is located at Ferguson Point and is suitable for bathing and picnics. Although you can swim in the ocean, it might not be the most pleasant experience. The Pacific Ocean is still cold there. The surrounding scenery offers dramatic cliffs and tall cedar trees, and you can also enjoy walking or biking on the Seawall. You might spot a Canada goose, a blue heron, or a raccoon. If you are lucky, you could even see a bald eagle, a seal, or a sea otter. Whales seldom visit these waters and seeing them requires a big portion of luck, which happens only once every few years. With increasing cargo ship traffic, the probability decreases rapidly.

Forever Together


A seagull looking for food at Siwash Rock. Its diet consists of birds, reptiles, amphibians, and small mammals, but it also eats berries or anything edible washed up on the shore. Vancouver seagulls belong to a larger group of western gulls.

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The blue heron is common to North America. Its beak is so powerful that it can kill a human. It swallows food whole and does not tear flesh.



The Stanley Park portion of the Seawall is 9 km long. It takes 3 hours to walk and 1 hour to cycle. Especially on warm summer days, the Seawall is crowded with people. It is worth getting up early in the morning to walk or cycle it. You might see more wildlife, which typically hides during the day. Beware of coyotes, which are more active at dusk or dawn. Attacks on humans have been reported.



Burrard Inlet is a shallow-sided fjord that separates the City of Vancouver from the rest of the Burrard Peninsula. Enjoy the beautiful sunsets there from the Seawall or from Prospect Point.

Sunset in Burrard Inlet


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Many ships register in Liberia to save money and to avoid stricter marine regulation in their own countries.

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