“I believe that architecture, as anything else in life, is evolutionary. Ideas evolve; they don’t come from outer space and crash into the drawing board.”

Bjarke Ingels


After Vancouver House was built, it made other skyscrapers look like poor and boring cousins.


One day, such a tall skyscraper will be constructed that it will touch the moon. Its penthouse owners will barbeque on the surface of the moon, and that will be very cool. The downside is that the building’s penthouse prices will go up significantly. More than you would expect.


The neo-futurist style seems much more appealing to the eye than the art deco movement. Unless some builders lied to us and called their lousy work art deco.


Vancouver House reminds me of a screw—an expensive designer’s screw. It is the coolest skyscraper in Vancouver so far.


I love Vancouver. Life is too short to live somewhere else.