When people talk about Vancouver weather, it is almost always with reference to the rain. By providing selective news emphasizing rainy events, media actively contribute to a general image of Vancouver as a rainy city. But what is the reality?

Never let the truth get in the way of opinions. The fact is that Vancouver gets slightly more rain, especially in winter, than other Canadian cities. While other places receive plenty of snow, Vancouver has it in a liquid state. But in exchange for more moisture, the city enjoys mild winters, beautiful scenery, proximity to nature and a balanced lifestyle. The winter temperature rarely drops below minus 5 degrees Celsius. The mild oceanic climate compensates the city for its wet season.


Thanks to its location between the Pacific Ocean and majestic mountains, Vancouver offers unusual options: skiing, walking on the beach, biking, hiking, kayaking and more. The city is a paradise for people who like nature, active relaxation, and sports. Within half an hour you can get out of the city centre to the wilderness of British Columbia. Even downtown, high peaks still dominate your view. The big three mountains—Grouse Mountain, Cypress Mountain and Mount Seymour—give the city view added value. In winter, when the ski resorts light up the peaks like Christmas trees, Vancouver at night has an extra dimension.

If you come to Vancouver during its rainy days, you will have to consider returning in the near future. Otherwise you will never understand what makes this city so attractive. Foggy vistas hide the beautiful mountains in the background and spacious Stanley Park in the foreground, while on clear days all this is visible, decorated by the Lion‘s Gate Bridge, float planes in the air and cruise ships in the harbour. If city views were rated like hotels are, Vancouver on a sunny day would certainly get five stars.

Comparison 2

In winter, Vancouver weather offers you two scenarios: sunny and cold, or rainy and warm. One sunny winter day is usually followed by four or five rainy days. One beautiful day, however, compensates you for the following wet days—you will remember that one day and forget the rest.

See for yourself. Check out the photographs in this article and form your own opinion about how big the difference is between a sunny and a rainy day in Vancouver.



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